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About us

Back in June of 2023, we had to make a decision. Do we continue paying monthly rent for a 1 star hotel room in a gentrified town in Vermont, or should we take a risk and start living an alternative lifestyle? We had always been inspired by living a sort of "van life" lifesty, but vans are expensive for two broke young adults just finishing up college. Scrolling endlessly through Vermont Facebook Marketplace, there were tons of these things popping up called "ice fishing shantys," and we were intrigued. They were all unique in some sort of way, and intrigued our interest being raised in Pennsylvania where lakes never froze enough to go fishing on them in the winter. We saw an ice fishing shanty for $900, just barely light enough to be pulled by our 2005 Subaru Forester, and a lot of potential behind its walls. We pulled the shanty 3 hours back in the dark with no exterior lights from the border of Canada to an Amtrak parking lot in White River Junction. From there, our wonderful lifelong friends in Windsor let us park the shanty in their driveway and we got renovating. Without having a clue with what we were doing, and many trips back and forth to the Home Depot, the shanty was ready to be lived out of in a matter of weeks. We stayed mainly in Vermont State Parks for the rest of the summer, and took a maiden voyage to Acadia National Park to see if the shanty was truly roadtrip worthy. And it was! A few trips to New Hampshire, New York, and Pennsylvania later, we knew we could drive across the country, another goal we have always aspired of achieving. And we did it it! 10,000+ miles later we are currently set up camp for the winter in Yosemite National Park and loving every second of it! We hope our story inspires you to get out there, take a chance, and live your life to fullest. You don't need the most expenisve RV on the market or the most expensive gear to live an alternative "van life" lifestyle.

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